Pittsford High School
Pittsford, MI, Hillsdale County
1922 Yearbook; Reproduced in its entirety
Pittsford Alumnae, 1892-1923
Pittsford Homepage

Dedication to Ray W. Barshney
Yearbook Editorial and Business Staff
Board of Education
Photos of School and Community People: Ray Wilford Barshney, Viola R. Moore, Ella R. Kohl
        George Albert Emerich, Garritt Visser
Class Officers
Photos of Class Officers
Class Officers, Page Two
Essay on Abraham Lincoln, by Anna McCully
Essay, Page Two
Class Poem, by Vivian E. Bowditch
Class Poem, Page Two
Senior Class History, by Ruth M. Crandall
Class History, Page Two
Class Prophecy, by Blanche Wise and Ruth Gilbert
Page Two, Class Prophecy & Carleton Memorial
Class Will, by Alton Skuse
Page Two, Class Will & The Keys to Success, by Cleah G. Gilbert
Page Two, The Keys to Success & Life's Tests, by Ray E. Lyon
Life's Tests, Page Two
The American Flag, by Charles Dean Campbell
Page Two, The American Flag
The Morning of Youth, by Neva E. Bailey
Morning of Youth, Page Two, Party for Miss Kohl & Junior Banquet
Does Education Pay?, by Willamine Powderly
Page Two: Does Education Pay?
Friendship, by Dorothy N. Wells
Page Two, Friendship
Senior Play
Student Cartoons
Cartoons, Page Two
Junior Class History, by Theyel Hepker
Sophomore Class History, by Flora Knowles
Freshmen Class History, by Marian Moore
Classroom Photos
Girls' Basketball
Boys' Basketball
Mitchinoma Camp Fire
Hi-Y Conference
Grammar Room, Intermediate Room & Primary Room Students
Courses of Study
Why I Like the Farm, by Ethel M. Church
Jokes & Local Advertisements
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Freshmen Reception
Senior Skip Day


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